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One of the topics that keep surfacing up in discussion among we ATM’ers (the ones who live and breathe ATM) is if people still use ATM. With emerging technology, wouldn’t people be using ATM less and less now? Well the following stats settle the discussion (till it pops up again). […]

One of the questions I often get asked is what the ATM deployment benchmark is. There is no industry defined answer to this question. From global ATM deployment perspective, North America and Western Europe have the most concentrated ATM deployment. These regions’ numbers can be used as the mature ATM […]

Another question that gets asked a lot is regarding ATM availability rate. Again, there is no standard industry definition for ATM availability. Every financial institution has its own definition and target. This blog aims to provide you some guideline around this topic. It looks at the 3 most common ATM […]

If you work in operations, you may be interested in the findings below about customer complaints. This outlines some general best practices based on learnings gained from credible stats. Customer could make complaints of their ATM usage via several different channels, branch, call centre, etc. It’s important to consolidate all […]