ATM Customer Complaints

If you work in operations, you may be interested in the findings below about customer complaints. This outlines some general best practices based on learnings gained from credible stats.
Customer could make complaints of their ATM usage via several different channels, branch, call centre, etc. It’s important to consolidate all the customer complaints information and identify the most impacting issues. Large financial institutions normally focus on the top 5 issues and try to manage and resolve them in a timely fashion.
The customer complaints threshold is normally maintained at 3% level. If the customer complaints rate goes over this threshold, it is a strong indication imminent changes need to be done to improve ATM availability and customer experience.

Figure 1 – Sample ATM Issues and Complaints Reporting

ATM issues and complaints resolution should be tracked against historical data to understand if the solutions have helped resolving these identified issues. Monitoring the trend will help ATM LOB identify area of improvements. Sudden trend change could indicate a recent change made to the ATM network had done either negatively or positively to the customer experience. For example, Figure 1 shows the trend of “Speed of ATM transaction too slow” suddenly spiked up in the most recent two months of the data. This could be a strong indication a recent change made to the ATM (hardware or software) had slowed down the ATM application performance, which should be able to narrow down fairly quickly.
The following two figures are showing how the issues and complaints have been tracked, and how the trend is identified.

Figure 2 – Issues and Complaints Trend Tracking

Figure 3 – Top 5 Issues and Complaints Trend Tracking

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