Gaming companies look for vehicles to generate additional revenue. Add-on transactions to the existing self-services terminals can be a good choice. However, there are two typical challenges facing gaming companies. First, they are not familiar with regulatory compliance requirement in the self-services industry. Playing the game (no pun intended) while not knowing the rules can be very costly. Second, they, in most cases, lack the technical expertise in actually designing and implementing the solutions that can drive additional revenue.

We have worked with gaming companies to effectively and efficiently achieve their financial goals.

  • Provide compliance guidance to avoid common regulatory pitfalls.
  • Add normal ATM transactions to existing self-service terminals, such as ticket in and ticket out (TITO).
  • Design cash advance transaction via POS processing, and the corresponding user experience.
  • Design user experience and integration with dynamic currency conversion (DCC) providers.
  • Design integration with 3rd party instant credit card issuing solutions.