Industry Entry/Growth

The lucrative ATM/self-service industry has been attracting a lot of interest from newcomers trying to break into the space. Most of the new comers share some common characteristics. They have some kind of self-service solutions, but no real experience in the ATM space itself. With all the different players in a relatively small industry, it can be very difficult to navigate through variety of solutions, offering, not to mention tricky regulatory compliance requirement. Hasty and unprepared entry into the industry has historically lead to massive failures financially.

Same applies to small players seeking to grow exponentially, but are lacking understanding of the market place, technical expertise, or simply don’t know who are the key decision makers in the big accounts.

So how can the new comers and growth seekers enter and expand without wasting a lot of time and money? The answer is simple. Make sure you understand the business first and know who to sell to. Unfortunately, there is very limited resource in the industry to nurture new growth.

We are the most cost effective and holistic resource for you to break into/grow in the market, avoid regulatory noncompliance, identify potential customers, making introductions, and achieve rapid revenue generation.

  • Thorough education on the competitive landscape, including comparing your solution against major competitive solutions currently used by FIs to provide SWOT analysis.
  • Analyze and propose potential applications and usages of your solution on the market.
  • Based on your unique solution and market analysis, recommend strategy and solutions, including architecture and design for each of the proposed applications.
  • Recommend key accounts to sell to and make introduction to decision makers.
  • Recommend professional services structure, including engagement model, resources structure, pricing information, and intellectual property consideration.
  • Recommend managed services structure, including SaaS in ATM business, Deposit  Automation, Video Banking, and ATM Monitoring
  • Provide strategy on your ATM Technology, such as Multi-vendor stateless solution (States-n- Screens (S/S) vs. Stateless solutions).
  • Educate on Video Banking solution, including existing solutions and pilots on the market, current technology, teller channel vs ATM channel, and fraud prevention.
  • Educate on Deposit Automation solution, including batch processing vs. real-time processing, fraud prevention and detection, X9 generation, check cashing, regulatory and compliance considerations, and available solutions on the market.
  • Exponentially speed up switch certification process by providing appropriate contacts at major switches, offering insights on how to configure applications to fit into different switches, and leading the process by representing you to work directly with switches.