Investment Firms

Unlike telecommunication or security industries, the ATM industry is unique in that it only has a handful of major players. However, it is not lacking activities especially over the past 5 years as the industry has had some major growth and changes due to the modernization of banking technology (i.e. Omni-channel integration, mobile banking, NFC), regulatory mandates  (i.e. ADA, Check21), and branch transformations (i.e. video banking, assisted self-service). More recently, the ATM industry has seen significant M&A activities that are unprecedented in the space.

Although these exciting changes have presented considerable investment opportunities, they have made the investing landscape unclear if not tricky. How can investment firms, typically with little to no previous industry experience know what the next winning solution/company is that will bring the highest ROI. How about investing in some smaller applications by small players that may take the industry by storm tomorrow? We are here to bring insights to help determine investment feasibility.

  • ATM industry introductory (i.e. major players and their software/hardware solutions, global/regional market share and trend, etc.).
  • ATM industry innovation and trend (i.e. omni-channel integration, Video Banking, eReceipt, one-to- one targeted marketing, Deposit Automation, cash recycling)
  • Activities at major accounts (i.e. winners vs. losers, reasons of account change-hand, etc.)
  • Major M&A analysis (i.e. Diebold acquisition of Phoenix, subsequent Diebold and Wincor merger, NCR acquisition of uGenius and Digital Insight, etc.)
  • ATM components analysis (i.e. Cash Recycler, Mix-Media Deposit Module, etc.)