The self-service industry is a competitive space. Market players are always on the lookout for the technology edge that will set themselves apart from competitors. However, individual companies are often so entrenched in their own platforms that it is a challenge to take a step back and examine competitive solutions to understand the strength and weakness of each platform and the reasons why certain FI chose one over the other.

This is where our service has proven invaluable. The fact that we work on almost all aspects in the self-service domain gives us the unique advantage of obtaining comprehensive and up-to-date expertise in the entire industry. We can help self-service companies increase competitiveness, maintain innovative advantage, address solution shortfalls, and ultimately win over customers and enhance the bottom line.

Evaluate current solutions portfolio

  • Provide ATM software solutions competitive overview, including ATM terminal software, Branch Assisted Self-Service solutions, Video Banking solutions, and server solutions.
  • Offer guidance on future architecture and ATM solutions strategy based on market trend study.
MM Global Solutions Consulting Inc. | Kitchener, ON. CANADA

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