Why us

We have served as trusted advisers to more than 40 different financial institutions and switch providers around the world. We must be doing something right.

We help you save money, time, and resources by massively shortening the time and effort it takes to bring a business initiative to the market.

  • We are the solution to the discrepancy between FI’s business initiative and technology limitation. How many times have your business department wanted something that neither your technology team nor the vendor can come up with in reasonable time frame? That’s where we come in.
  • We work as a member of the FI to assist with strategies and provide guidance on implementation with your technology partners. In other words, we work with the vendors directly for you. Think about all the time and money and hassle this saves.
  • We understand getting budget approved is not easy. Remember last time you were shocked by the price tag the vendor put on a solution you asked? We can reduce the cost significantly.

How are we different?

  • Honesty and integrity is our business principle.
  • We are independent, which means we have no attachment to vendors or other institutions. We are here to provide unbiased professional opinion.
  • We are flexible. Our past engagements range from as little as few weeks to multi-year agreements.
  • We are platform agnostic yet experienced in all platforms. We own holistic and up-to-date industry knowledge and best practices that neither a single vendor nor FI possesses.
  • We don’t just provide strategically guidance to FI’s. We also implement IT solutions with some of the largest technology providers, including NCR, Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf, Phoenix, and IBM. This sets us apart from other consulting firms who do not have the IT and architectural technical knowledge of implementing solutions, such as XFS, terminal software, deposit automation, and video teller.